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Kennel Husky Home

Here the dogs live in packs in big nature pens.

Summer 2017 we started our “pack building project”. Till then the dogs have been living the “traditional Swedish husky life” with two dogs in each pen (minimum size regulated). But I got an idea summer 2016 that I wanted to have more dogs together in a larger area.
We name our puppies in themes, so The “Planets” and the “Berries” have been living together in a big pack since they were born in summer  2016, so they are kind of used to it.
We have finished three big pens of 400-800 sqm that are contected to the traditonal pens. Tht means all the dogs have more space to move freely and socialise with one another.  We have separated the dogs in a male pack, and two female packs.. Then we have some “left overs”, some older castrated male dogs that we have in smaller packs.

We have separated them in male and female just to make life a little bit easier. We have 20 girls, imagine they are all in heat 2 times per year, 3 weeks at the time. That means they all together are in heat 120 weeks per year… As far as I know a year has only 52 weeks… Conclusion it that it is always someone in heat…. And we do not want unplanned puppies…