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Meditation in motion-enjoy the sled dog ride sitting on the sled under the magic evening light.

Follow us to our home where we live happily with our Alaskan Huskies

“Meditation in Motion” That was what one of our guests called this trip last year.
It is almost impossible to explain how bright a tour under the moon light can be. We would love to share this magic light with you. We will take you out with a large team of dogs driven by the guide. When the sky is clear and the full moon is shining, driving without a head lamp in the night, is an unforgettable experience. If we are lucky, the sky is filled with northern lights. As we live outside the big tourist areas, far away from light pollution, it is possible to see even a weak northern ligth. Should it not be clear, it is still a great experience to venture into nature and enjoy the silence when the sled slides over the snow. When we come back to the kennel, we take care of the dogs and then we invite you to have a hot drink around the fire.

We live outside the major tourist area’s with our 50 dogs, 5 cats and 3 children. We can almost promise that we will be alone out in nature tour to enjoy the scenery, amongst this vast landscape. Welcome to a life adventure where kids and dogs get the chance to meet.

Transport both directions is included. We pick up and drop off at Camp Ripan. And we can also almost guarantee you will see Moose along the drive, as the area is thriving with them during this season.

Why Husky Home?

  • Because we love our dogs and we love to share our love with you!
  • You will learn why and how we train our dogs to get in harmony.
  • Most of the dogs lives in big pens in  bigger packs.
  • Our kennel is in a remote area far away from the big tourist trails. It  is more likely that we meet moose on our tour, then humans.
  • We, including you, give the dogs a real massage after the tour.

The transport is included in the time. The sled tour it self is about 60 minutes.



Price: 1395 SEK/person Children 650SEK/person
Time:  1/12-31/1  kl 1630
1/2-28/2  kl. 1730                                                                                                                                                                                          (full moon 21/12, 22/12 ,23/12, 20/1,21/1,22/1, 18/219/2,20/2)

Duration: 3,5-4 hours
Number of People: Max 2-8 persons
Included: Transfer, Warm clothes, Sled tour, Hot Drinks. In the approximated times, time for transfer to and from the kennel and getting dressed is included.

You might have to share the sled with other guests.

Pick up at Camp Ripan.